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At Foamers we offer custom WordPress website design and development across Mountain View, Santa Clara, San Jose and the entire California San Francisco Bay Area. WordPress is a phenomenal tool to design, create and host a website. It is economic for a business and also simple to operate on a day-to-day basis. However, you cannot possibly opt for any of the standard, basic or generic website templates that most businesses are opting for. It is just an easy way out and wouldn’t make the requisite impact on your audience. What you need is a custom wordpress website with a unique web design and a theme that is personalized in accordance to your type of business, philosophy and objectives.

WordPress Website Design

At Foamers we do more than just web design. Your website is one of the most if not the most instrumental element of your small business marketing strategy. Any company, irrespective of the size, nature of business and the target audience or market, will need to have a dominant and compelling virtual presence. While the entire online omnipresence starts with a website which starts with a web design, it doesn’t end there. Thus, when you are looking for any Mountain View WordPress experts and web designers, you need to look for more than just simple web design or website hosting.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is what segregates the thousands of websites from a handful of them which appear on the first page of search results. Your eventual objective is to get more exposure online, to get more traffic to your website and all that should lead to more sales and revenue. Your Mountain View WordPress experts or that of San Jose & Santa Clara should offer you search engine optimization in addition to web design and web hosting.

Our goal is to drive RELEVANT and TARGETED traffic to your website. Foamers combines all the advertising and social media platforms available online, and funnels prospects that are looking for your services, to your website.

“Both Chris and myself are thrilled with the work you have done with the site and the stats. Really very well done!"

Kirk Mossing
Seabio Resources


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