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We Convert Your Current Website to WordPress

Do you wan to convert your website to WordPress? Millions of businesses have already made the decision to adopt WrodPress as their website platform of choice, and so should you! Converting a website to WordPress is not only a step to cut down costs but also to make managing the website a cakewalk.

‘Foamers’ specializes in website to WordPress conversion. We offer a complete solution including –

  • Analysis of your present website.
  • Conceptualization of the WordPress site including design, data and custom features.
  • Outlining of costs and offering a quote.
  • Enhancing the existing design and content followed by developing the WordPress design.
  • Putting up of a test server for you to monitor the progress of your new site.
  • Hosting the WordPress site and importing all content from your existing site or from other sources, if applicable.
  • Training of your staffs on operating WordPress to manage the website and to add, edit or remove content.
  • Online and offline support.

Let's get started!

Convert your website to WordPress, save money and enjoy a light, easy and effective online presence like you never had before. Getting started is easy, just send us a note and we'll be happy to send you a quote to assist you.

“I’m not proficient in code, but, set up an easy to use website that allowed me to make plenty of changes, upload, post and create all on my own; which made my life a lot easier. They are approachable with any questions or concerns you might have, they were very patient with me, and I had plenty of questions to share with them.”

David Avalo