We started our business, Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary nearly 5 years ago and we have had Foamers as our website developers for nearly as long. Me and my wife were fortunate enough to come across a friend of ours that had used Foamers and specifically, Dave Collado, senior web designer of Foamers, for his website design.

Our friend gave Dave Collado and his team 5 stars and after he designed our website we were equally happy with his work. One thing that I can specifically say about Dave is that no matter what questions I might have about the website, he always has an answer.

His range of knowledge about the Internet and web design is vast. And better yet, any time that he uses a term that I don’t know and I ask him “What does that mean?” he explains it in very simple terms and uses real life examples that I can understand.

This is priceless as it makes my decisions easier to make and I don’t have to research an answer before I can make a decision. I can then concentrate on my business without worrying about what’s happening with my website.

Cesar Vargas, Co Owner at Joanna Vargas Salon, WordPress Development