Site maintenance

Website maintenance services

Imagine a movie house that showed the same movie for a whole month. Moviegoers will definitely hate viewing the same movie for several times! Similarly, your website should always provide exciting updates and information in order for visitors to ask for more and view your website again.

Designed for the small business owner on the go, our website maintenance services keeps you focused on your business while we keep busy doing what we do best - keeping your site current and looking good. Costs can vary based on your individual website needs, but most websites are able to be updated for as little as $25 for an hour's worth of work.

How does it work?

Updates are made by sessions. With our monthly plan you can have as many updates as you want per session. Included in this package, our maintenance plan controls your costs, protects your investment and ensures that your website remains healthy as technology changes - read details

What do you do?

1 - Add Latest news
2 - Update your products and services
3 - email support
4 - Announce company events
5 - Update your latest company information
6 - Add something new to your portfolio
7 - Scheduled updates performed within 2 business days.

$50/hr pay as you go or $89/month * Minimum 1 year agreement.

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