How do I Change the Post Author In WordPress?

How do I Change the Post Author In WordPress?

Hi everyone, this is Dave with and in this lesson, I am going to show you two ways in which you can change post authors in WordPress 3.4.1. A couple of simple ways that you’re going to learn right away and as soon as you finish watching this video, you will be a pro at changing post authors around in your WordPress.

So the first way I'm going to show you is how to bulk change the post author. So, the first thing you want to do is go over to Post > All Post, and let’s just imagine for a moment that you want to change the author on more than one post, you have a bunch of posts and you have at least two authors on your blog, and what we would like to be able to do is change the post author on a few of these post and assign those post to another author.

You can find your post in your WordPress administration area under Post > All Post

The next thing we want to do is select the check-box to select all our post so that our Bulk Action can then be applied to all of the selected posts. Next you want to go just right above that same check-box to the Buck Action drop-down-list, select Edit and then click the Apply button.

That done, a nice little menu appears with a list of all your post. The next step is up to you.

Open the authors drop-down-list and choose an author.

After you've made your choice click Update to continue.

That's it! The author you have selected will now be able to access/edit these post with no problem whatsoever.

The other way that you can go about changing the post author is to do it one post at a time. In order to change the post author you should click on Edit in the Posts menu, hover over the post you wish to edit and click Quick Edit.

From the Authors section open the drop-down-list and select a new Author and click Update Post to save the change.

That’s it. That’s how easy it is to change the post author in WordPress and this comes in really handy in so many different situations. One of the the ways I find this really useful is whenever I'm making the switch from Drupal to WordPress for a client. Whenever you switch blogging platforms the post/page author name defaults to the default author roll and since this a fresh installation of WordPress the default author would most likely be something like admin.

But with this, then you can go back and you can change the post author any time, just like I showed you right here. It’s super easy and it's fun. Hope you enjoyed the lesson, don’t forget to subscribe to our feed to get updates sent to you directly and come back and visit us anytime. Thank you so much, buh-bye.

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