Getting New Customers for Nothing

Getting New Customers for Nothing

I get all sorts of email from lawn care business owners. Recently the volume of email asking,

“How do I get people to my website”

has gone up from every-so-often to several per week. There are lots of possible answers to this question, and while it may not be just one thing that’s hindering your traffic, typically speaking, the biggest culprits we see is the misuse of keywords and other such on-page SEO factors.

Hence we want to test your knowledge with our lawn care marketing SEO’s question of the week. I'll take your comments throughout the week then on Friday we'll choose the best answers and elaborate more on the subject. Even if you don’t know the answer you can still reply and share your own experiences. Good Luck!

In terms of lawn care marketing what are the most effective on-page optimization techniques?

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  • dave

    Make sure your title tag is optimized – you’ll need to do a little KW analysis. Also your headers as well. Don’t forget any jpgs. – always use an alt tag on them.

  • davidcollado2010

    Keyword prominence is also something you’d use to optimize a page, see that your keywords are visible(!) to the visitors without them needing to scroll to reach them. Use markup (like -tag) to highlight the most important word(s) or phrases. Have (an) images with alt-attribute (alternative text in image tags) related to the keyword(s).