10 Responsive Architecture WordPress Themes To Show Off Your Portfolio

This is a collection of 10 (correction 11 now) responsive architecture WordPress themes that work amazing and look really nice on all smart phones and tablets. These bold an beautiful themes not only provide the framework, functionality and design but also include plugins that can be used to add just about any kind of feature […]

How To Integrate Contact Form 7 With PayPal

Are you on Google? Get your a your free SEO evaluation now.  Get your web presence in shape for 2015 Contact us right now: we can help.  This is something I’ve been looking to do for a while, and just now got around to do it. Basically I am going to show you how we […]

Can I update my theme later without losing all your custom modifications on it?

I bought my website theme from one of those WordPress theme shops. Can I update my theme later without losing all your custom modifications on it? This is one of our most commonly asked question, and probably not the easiest to answer, but it’s actually a very good and thoughtful question. If you take a […]

Two things you need to know about changing your permalinks in wordpress

One of the most important decisions you have to make even before you start writing your first post, is deciding on a good permalink structure. The right permalink structure will make or break your website in terms of optimal search engine optimization, and more than half the time, that is why so many people have […]

VIDEO: WordPress Database Backup and Restore Easily With PhpMyAdmin

As you probably already know WordPress is an open source content management systems – which means it’s totally free to use, and just like you don’t need to be a mechanical engineer to drive your car; you don’t need to learn HTML, CSS etc to start using WordPress. One misconception, however, is that you can […]

How do you add author support for custom post types?

This is a common customization we see with many clients. Basically the client needs to change the post author not realizing that what they are actually editing is a custom post type that does not have/support the author option. Automatically all custom post support title and editor, if you want to have even more stuff […]

Check out our newest masterpiece in custom WordPress design

We’ve done it again! Check out our newest masterpiece in custom WordPress design and web design at BetterBookkeepers.com! Linda Rost’s Better Bookkeepers is one of the premier bookkeeping firms in San Jose and in all of the San Francisco Bay Area. From small family run businesses to the largest corporations in Silicon Valley, Linda and […]

Rolling out the latest and greatest in custom WordPress website designs

Wow, we are super busy here at Foamers.net rolling out the latest and greatest in custom WordPress website designs. Another awesome client of ours is Lace and Button way down under in WA, Australia! Check out the WordPress theme customization we just finished for them at: laceandbutton.com. Lace and Button is all about beauty and […]

Rich Snippet With Structured Data For Local Search SEO Strategy

At a time when millions of websites are trying to vie for the first search engine page rank (SERP) for a specific set of keywords, local search SEO has become more important than general SEO. The search engines have also made note of the relevance of local search SEO and they have accordingly amended their […]

How to add a lightbox-style youtube or vimeo popup to your post or pages

We are living in the day and age where having a website is not enough to be heard by potential clients. Nowadays, people are more interested in being pitched via a video than a website. Most of them don’t like to read, so when you are promoting a product or a service a video is […]

Branding your WordPress login and registration pages with your clients own logo

Replacing the WordPress logo with the client’s logo in the admin login area is on of those simple subtleties that really separate just another WordPress site from a truly custom WordPress design. And nothing says branding more, than handing your client a CMS with their very own logo. A good example of completely rebranded login […]

How do I Add “onClick action” To My WordPress Menu?

When you have been doing WordPress design for as long as we have you are pretty much bound to pick up a few neat tricks along the way. The WordPress menu system for example – this is a great tool for practically everything you’ll ever need. However, one thing WordPress menus wont do is let […]

A Custom WordPress Website For Brick Paver Pros NJ

We here at Foamers.net pride ourselves on our products. When it comes to creating the highest quality custom WordPress theme designs that utilize everything a website needs in today’s ruthlessly competitive web design market, there are few who can come close! That’s why when we finish a new WordPress website design like we did for […]

How To Use Your Gmail As A Professional Business Email Address

Gmail is by far the simplest, most sophisticated and convenient email service that you can get. The only shortcoming of Gmail is that you cannot have a professional or business email address. You can select any username or account name but the domain would always be gmail.com. That’s obviously not cool for anyone that wants […]

Gaining Higher Google Rankings Using WordPress SEO Techniques

If you maintain a WordPress site with detailed business goals, it is essential that you understand how WordPress SEO can be used to benefit your site by gaining you search engine recognition. There is no other variable more important to the success of your site, than its ranking on Google and other popular search engines. […]

How to Set up a Website With Google Authorship Markup

Ever do a search on Google and some of the results have the authors picture next them (what makes them some special)? While this isn’t anything new, it is undeniably good for visibility and branding, and despite the the MULTIPLE reminders that Google Authorship is good for SEO. There are still very few bloggers and […]

How to add an email subscription form bellow each post

I once had a job going door to door selling vouchers for local restaurants, video stores etc, after 3 days I quit, one of the most humiliating experiences of my life lol. One thing I did take away from that experience is that people don’t like being accosted by strangers, and so it does with […]

Adding a full background image to your blog

In this tutorial our goal is towfold: first, we want to add a background image on a blog that covers the entire browser window at all times; and second I am going to try to make this very simple and easy to follow (I know you aint gots time). Adding a background image to your […]

How To Resize Your Cover Photo On Google Plus

Google + has released a few updates in regards to the cover photo that you may have or wish to have on the social network page. The latest changes will directly impact how your cover photo appears. According to the official report from Google, the cover photos would now need to have an aspect ratio […]

A Custom WordPress Design for your Business

When you hear a wordpress proposal for your website development platform, you’re first thought might be about blogging. You know, the wordy posts chronicling somebody’s exploits or interest. It’s not the imagery that a business would want to portray. But if you step back a bit, you realize that what you are really trying to […]