How to add an email subscription form bellow each post


I once had a job going door to door selling vouchers for local restaurants, video stores etc, after 3 days I quit, one of the most humiliating experiences of my life lol. One thing I did take away from that experience is that people don’t like being accosted by strangers, and so it does with […]

Adding a full background image to your blog


In this tutorial our goal is towfold: first, we want to add a background image on a blog that covers the entire browser window at all times; and second I am going to try to make this very simple and easy to follow (I know you aint gots time). Adding a background image to your […]

How To Resize Your Cover Photo On Google Plus

For a quick reference, to change cover photo you have to click on Profile and select Change Cover.

Google + has released a few updates in regards to the cover photo that you may have or wish to have on the social network page. The latest changes will directly impact how your cover photo appears. According to the official report from Google, the cover photos would now need to have an aspect ratio […]

A Custom WordPress Design for your Business

custom wordpres theme design

When you hear a wordpress proposal for your website development platform, you’re first thought might be about blogging. You know, the wordy posts chronicling somebody’s exploits or interest. It’s not the imagery that a business would want to portray. But if you step back a bit, you realize that what you are really trying to […]

Make Sure to Update Your WordPress Installs!

WordPress is an essential marketing tool for your business or is equally important for your private use. No matter what information it contains, it should be protected in the best way possible so that it is not extracted by malicious people or competitors.

A lot of clients choose the WordPress option because it is what developers advise as it is very SEO friendly. But there is one detail that many web developers fail to mention to their clients. That is the importance of updating your WordPress installs. Why should this be done? You’ll be scared you went without […]

Simple WordPress Tabs With Custom Post Types


Many custom themes use tabs in their design; they not just save you space but they offer a more convenient real-world alternative to opening up a new window. Similarly, like the idea of putting tabs in the drawer of a file cabinet, they improve content organization and (since most people know how to sort through […]

How To Convert Any Website To WordPress

This is a graphic to show the various template sections of the theme, including the header, index,sidebar and footer modules.

Say you have a website and you want to convert that HTML design to WordPress. In this tutorial you will learn how to quickly and easily convert any website to WordPress. With what you are about to learn, you will be able to convert your old website to WordPress and gain the freedom to edit, […]

Need help upgrading your WordPress blog? Foamers will professionally update WordPress to to the latest WP version available.

Elvin Josne - WordPress 3.5

WordPress 3.8 has been released, and it’s beautiful! Introducing WordPress Version 3.8 of WordPress, fondly named “Parker” in honor of Charlie Parker, bebop innovator, and you can check out what’s new in this version on the following link wordpress 3.8. Afraid your website will break if you update WordPress? Foamers will upgrade your blog to […]

How To Add Content Automatically From WordPress Into Your Constant Contact Template

newsletter about nothing

Sending a monthly newsletter is not easy. Nevertheless, there is no denying the importance of having one. After all, what better way to give your customers a subtle reminder about your business and what you offer. Besides, nobody checks your website on a daily basis, so in order to remind them, you need to send […]

How To Integrate Constant Contact With WordPress To Grow Your List

maling list

Ever wish you could automatically add contact form submissions to your Constant Contact lists! if you’re like me you know that email is still one of the most effective ways to reach and engage your target audience in order to continue to grow and sustain your business. One solution, which is what I use and […]

FYI, WordPress update released. Check out what’s new!

Uploading files and creating image galleries has a whole new look.

WordPress 3.5 was released earlier today – one new feature you might notice right away is the New Media Manager. I like the grid view more than the list view. Also having the attachment details column on the right is so much easier than always having to scroll down to the bottom. Have you upgraded?

See which plugins are slowing down your site: Best Performance Profiler Plugin for WordPress


It can be frustrating and confusing when performance issues are caused by something as simple as a blog. However, keep in mind that most WordPress sites use multiple plugins. So this may not be just one or a few scripts performing a single task, but several complex PHP scripts which continuously pull data from a […]

Custom WordPress Theme for Property Management Websites.

WordPress Theme for Real Estate and Property Management Websites

Once again is pleased to announce another great website design project that we’ve just finished – Bob Nastasi has been in the real estate game for over 35 years and has professional experience in all aspects of the real estate field, from home loans, REO, sales, etc. A to B Property Management now […]

Google Authorship Setup and Installation!


New Service: Google Authorship Setup and Installation! Have you ever wondered how to get your photo to show up in Google search results? We will quickly and efficiently install Google Authorship to your website with the exact attribute requirements.   Since it’s inception we’ve been touting the benefits of the Google Authorship program and now […]




Adding A Custom Author’s Byline Panel In Portfolio Items For Custom Post Types

hwo to add a custom authors byline for words

Have you figured out the one little drawback of custom post types? One thing I really like about premium wordpress themes is that they come with custom post types. Many of Template Monster’s wordpress themes come with multiple jQuery sliders which use amazing transition effects to display a slideshow of images on any page you […]

How to Use Cufón to Get Stylish Fonts Installed on Your Blog Quick

Two of my favorite sites to find some nice (free for me = nice) fonts are: and

Fonts have always fascinated me, from that first rusty Coca-Cola signs that I remember seeing from back in my childhood, to the many hours I spent looking at fonts for Flash projects. Ahh, good times, however it used to be that only a small amount of sites were able to use non-standard fonts in their […]

How To Build A Slider Using Custom Post Types


This tutorial I will show you how to create your very own custom image slider using custom post types. Certainly, there are many WordPress plugins that can be used to make a slider such as vSlider, Front Slider, SlideDeck and a zillion others, but for the purpose of this exercise, we are going to build […]

How to Make Custom Post Types a Part of Your WordPress Developer’s Arsenal


I am currently writing a tutorial on how to build a custom image slider using custom post types in wordpress. Here is my finished product (Read Tutorial Now).

How To Use Conditional Tags to Make The Sidebar Disappears


Some blogs are so cluttered with ads, sometimes I have to ask myself, what are you trying to sale me!? Split testing studies suggest that clutter-free sidebars outperformed cluttered sidebar by 26%. Though the sidebar is handy, an overcrowded sidebar can destroy your conversion rates. There are a couple of ways to minimize that problem; […]