How to post a link to an Excel spreadsheet on WordPress

Today’s question is from Paul Legard (@2013milesrun), he says: Does anyone know an easy way to post a link to an Excel spreadsheet on WordPress? — Paul Legard (@2013milesrun) December 10, 2013   Great question! Anytime you are writing a post or page, you can use the Media library to upload almost anything from images […]

How do you add a video to twitter?

Today questions comes from Chris Smith in San Jose, California. Chris Smith wants to know: How do you post a video on twitter? I use twitter often and enjoy it. I need to be able to tweet, and have those tweets include a video, if you can tell me how to embed a video, that […]

How To Add Anchor Text Backlinks On Your Google Profile

Having good backlinks is a lot better than having a lot of links. Just like 4 quarters are better than 100 pennies. In this tutorial I will show you how to add an anchor text backlink to your website from your Google plus profile. For example, I just edited my Google plus profile to include […]

Learn To Convert HTML To WordPress In 18 Simple Steps

This presentation provides a very simplified and easy to follow demonstration, on how to convert HTML to WordPress. Though in one of my previous posts, How To Convert Any Website To WordPress, I did explain this is in greater detail, this time around I just want to streamlined it even further to make it as […]

SEO For Lawyers

SEO For Lawyers So, you’ve tried everything from joining your local chamber of commerce, business cards, holiday cards, bulletin boards and maybe even billboards, but can’t get the phone to ring. Perhaps it’s time to make a change and start investing on your website. Lawyer website seo The internet is now accessed in many different […]

SEO for House Cleaning Services

Subscribers get the theme absolutely free. Get the theme for FREE.  Mobile website design and SEO Most families today live very busy lives, and as such, they may access the Internet in a variety of ways. But most increasingly, more and more people use mobile phones and tablets to access the web. We understand that […]

Swimming Pool Builder Websites

SEO Services That produce real results, real fast! SEO for Pool Builder .  Get A Free Analysis Report Today. Find out why your website is not ranking Pool Builder Marketing..  If you are a Pool Builder or Swimming Pool Contractor, thinking about getting a website, or even if you already have a website, but it […]

FREE House Cleaning Services WordPress Theme

Get A Free Analysis Report Today. Find out why your website is not ranking Pool Builder Marketing.  Updated on: 10/27/2014 This theme is no longer free, but it’s still quite reasonably priced at $39.99 (which is still an awesome bargain). Today we are happy to release this beautiful house cleaning wordpress theme, perfect if you […]

Ranking Multiple City + Service Orientated Terms With No Physical Address Whatsoever

I am often asked whether or not it is possible to appear in multiple city searches outside the business’s actual physical location? In other words, say you own a business in Mountain View, California (home of Google), but want to target users in surrounding areas as well. Is it possible to rank in multiple cities […]

5 Ways To Use Facebook Insights To Improve Results And Bolster Your Campaigns

Would you ever just post randomly on facebook or pay to promote whatever post solely based on your gut feelings? No, of course you wouldn’t, but that, unfortunately, is exactly what some of you do. How do I know, because I used to do it all the time. I mean, I have a friend who […]

Throwback Thursday: Do You Remember When Flash Was Young?

Today I’m showing you some Adobe Flash work (from back in 2004) by none other than yours truly. Granted, I have been a really tough opponent of Flash website design for years after having seen some very poor attempts at deployment and usage of it as a business solution. Still, I remember when flash was […]

10 Responsive Architecture WordPress Themes To Show Off Your Portfolio

This is a collection of 10 (correction 11 now) responsive architecture WordPress themes that work amazing and look really nice on all smart phones and tablets. These bold an beautiful themes not only provide the framework, functionality and design but also include plugins that can be used to add just about any kind of feature […]

How To Integrate Contact Form 7 With PayPal

Get A Free Analysis Report Today. Find out why your website is not ranking Pool Builder Marketing.  This is something I’ve been looking to do for a while, and just now got around to do it. Basically I am going to show you how we created this form as a means of integrating PayPal with […]

Can I update my theme later without losing all your custom modifications on it?

I bought my website theme from one of those WordPress theme shops. Can I update my theme later without losing all your custom modifications on it? This is one of our most commonly asked question, and probably not the easiest to answer, but it’s actually a very good and thoughtful question. If you take a […]

Two things you need to know about changing your permalinks in wordpress

One of the most important decisions you have to make even before you start writing your first post, is deciding on a good permalink structure. The right permalink structure will make or break your website in terms of optimal search engine optimization, and more than half the time, that is why so many people have […]

VIDEO: WordPress Database Backup and Restore Easily With PhpMyAdmin

As you probably already know WordPress is an open source content management systems – which means it’s totally free to use, and just like you don’t need to be a mechanical engineer to drive your car; you don’t need to learn HTML, CSS etc to start using WordPress. One misconception, however, is that you can […]

How do you add author support for custom post types?

This is a common customization we see with many clients. Basically the client needs to change the post author not realizing that what they are actually editing is a custom post type that does not have/support the author option. Automatically all custom post support title and editor, if you want to have even more stuff […]

Check out our newest masterpiece in custom WordPress design

We’ve done it again! Check out our newest masterpiece in custom WordPress design and web design at! Linda Rost’s Better Bookkeepers is one of the premier bookkeeping firms in San Jose and in all of the San Francisco Bay Area. From small family run businesses to the largest corporations in Silicon Valley, Linda and […]

Rolling out the latest and greatest in custom WordPress website designs

Wow, we are super busy here at rolling out the latest and greatest in custom WordPress website designs. Another awesome client of ours is Lace and Button way down under in WA, Australia! Check out the WordPress theme customization we just finished for them at: Lace and Button is all about beauty and […]

Rich Snippet With Structured Data For Local Search SEO Strategy

At a time when millions of websites are trying to vie for the first search engine page rank (SERP) for a specific set of keywords, local search SEO has become more important than general SEO. The search engines have also made note of the relevance of local search SEO and they have accordingly amended their […]