Lawn Care Marketing and Google 101

Last time I spoke to you about the importance of having a website for your lawn care business and also the importance having good and useful content, that is relevant to your niche, and useful to your visitors. We’ll talk more about that in a moment but now I would like to introduce you to a new video segment on the website called Lawn Care Marketing… Each week this new feature will feature a video screen cast with hands on tips to help you get more lawn care customers to your website.

In our first screen cast right here (Lawn Care Marketing On Page SEO Starting With the Title tag ) I go over a number of basic guidelines and best practices that will help you get more lawn customers by making your website more search engine and user friendly.

Make Your Landscaping Website Thrive – How?

landscapingBy now, hopefully, most landscaping business owners know that its important for their business to have a real website, they know, or at the very least, they have a pretty good idea, of just how many people use the Internet in search for landscapers and local businesses in general. And I like to think that for the most part you’re probably already online, or your actively working towards getting that website.


However, for many the whole idea of doing a website, I suppose one could say, seems a bit simplistic – to think that all you need to do is build it and they will come, is really not the case – if you really want your new landscaping website to thrive, your going to have to try a little harder than that.

Maybe you’ve heard it said before, if you’ve read The 5 Pillars of Creating a Successful Website, you’ve read me talk about the importance of having good content, fresh content, regularly updated content etc, etc, etc…

And I frequently tell my clients that and the most popular response that I get is “But that sound like a lot of work…”, then there’s that small awkward pause, where I just want say, “You know what hard work is?”, instead I say, “Yes, it does require some effort”, and that’s true, that does equal work – “But!”

What is The Single Most Important Online Marketing Tool You Absolutely Need to Have for Your Website?

There is no doubt, being able to follow up with your prospects & customers is the single most important marketing tool you absolutely need to have in order to continue to grow and sustain your business.

To do that, and be affective at it, you need some sort of tool that allows you to organize and easily email your leads – where’s once text-based emails where consider the norm, and perhaps to this day you are still doing your marketing with basic text emails, there’s now a wealth of rich media, technology and functionality to consider.

One solution, which is what I use and recommend all my clients to use, is the help of something like CakeMail or add2it or PHPList, these tools really make it easy to send and manage your HTML messages. Phplist in particular is great because it has a built in WYSIWYG HTML editor that allows you to create and view your HTML message even before you send it out, plus it’s free! Other services such as CakeMail and the like, offer free newsletter templates you can edit.

Besides that, in our continuous commitment to help you achieve the highest return on your website Foamers offers custom newsletter template design, at just $179 a pop, in a number of different custom styles, such as…

You Can’t Afford To Miss This!


I was poking around today using and, they’re both online directories that have detailed listings of gardeners, landscapers, and contractors in every major city in America. But as I am doing these searches, I’m seeing so many listings without a website link.

This is so ridiculous it’s mind boggling, why don’t they have a website? Your guess is as good as mine – there just so many important reasons to have your own website, yet, over 40% of small businesses do not. That figure is even scarier considering 82% of consumers turn to the search engines when finding a local business, compound that with the number of users accessing the web through handheld devices, the number of BlackBerry users alone is over 25 million – can you really afford to miss this?

One reason might be that you’re just confused about how to create an affective and affordable website for your small business, or perhaps you searching, but cant seem to find a designer who understands that their job is not just to create a website, but to help you make money. (That’s where We come in!)

Foamers is committed to helping our clients achieve the highest return on their investment. In addition our template customization services is always delivered on time and we make sure that you have the most standards compliant web sites possible.

Right now pick any template and the template is yours ABSOLUTELY FREE, PLUS another 20% off on our template customization services, all you have to do to get the discount and the FREE template, is order the customizations now!

You just ran out of excuses not to put up that website you been meaning to get around to doing. # Click here to view all Landscaping Website Templates

Should you wish to acquire more information about our template customization services simply get in touch and tell us what you think.

The 5 Pillars of Creating a Successful Website

1 – Stop Procrastinating
Many people simply spend too much time trying to make decisions about their website. While it is important to weigh your options carefully and make informed decisions, too much time spent wastefully trying to make a decision can cause a significant delay for a project.

So, what are you waiting for?

2 – Should I go Custom or choose a template?
Custom design evangelists often claim that the use of website templates only ensures that you have a design that looks just like someone else’s website. Primarily because website templates may be resold, they argue, web templates are not unique and may give your company an unprofessional, unpolished appearance, and that you should always opt for a custom site.

The truth, however, is that a good quality website template, in tandem with professional and affordable template customization, can provide you with a unique and high quality design at just a fraction of the cost of hiring someone else to do a custom design starting from scratch.

In fact, whether they tell you or not, just as a wise contractor makes good use of a blueprint to guide the construction of a building to its successful completion, every web designer also uses a template or basis as his or her guide in creating a unique and well-organized web site.

So right away, two clear advantages are time and money. Typically speaking it can take many days for a good designer to create a preliminary mockup of such quality.

Also, consider the time necessary to piece the original design into slices and the actual rendering of the design onto HTML and resources spent validating that code on all major browsers. The cost of which will most certainly be passed onto you, the client.

3 – Make some crucial decisions
Previously, most developers worked by a rule that you had about eight seconds to get the users attention once they accessed your site.

Today, the new rule is now four seconds.

Remember always: Have an undiluted clear-cut call to action. Don’t let them get distracted! On the other hand, pages that have only one goal outperform the rest simply because of the fact that having two goals requires communicating two messages.

This is a really big deal, and something you should definitely take into consideration, especially if you’re seriously considering launching an online business.

Nevertheless, don’t just try to sale them something, without offering something that’s of value to them, but at the same time you have to find a valance – too many pages on the Web give great information, and then tail off, you have to have a clear call to action, and a basic system to move them through your pages and don’t use too many unnecessary graphics.

If it’s true that a picture speaks a thousand words, then it would be wise to assume that too many pictures can overlap a conversation, similarly, if you’re turned off by endless popups, grating audio and graphics that look like they’ve been lifted from the Vegas strip, then you shouldn’t expect your Web site visitors to react any differently…

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special-offerWhile there’s a short break between Foamers promos let’s take advantage of it and concentrate on what this post is all about – the new templates and a discount! So today our suppliers have delivered a set of brand new beautiful templates! These new ones are now added to our website and guess what – each and every one of them is available for purchase with a discount!

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