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Black Friday Promotion

Today as you know is Black Friday! And this in turn means you're not leaving without an exclusive Black Friday Deal. We're offering a nice 20% discount that you may use for any product at Foamers during two days - Friday and Saturday. So hurry up to Foamers and paste the following promocode at checkout: 9T49ul6bx3oB4POsr5VQ

Wait, BUT!!!! thats not all; today you also get 20% off on all our custom web design, custom landing pages, custom Craigslist ads, and template customization services + get the template FREE. All you have to do to get the discount is mention this exclusive Black Friday Deal.

FREE when you order customization before Monday 30th

FREE when you order customization before Monday 30th

FREE when you order customization before Monday 30th

FREE when you order customization before Monday 30th

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7 Tips To Get The Best Results From Your Website Template

template customization1- Keep your template customization simple and easy to use so that the search engines can read it and assess its suitability each time your keywords are used.

In a frantic effort to deliver the latest technology we can never miss sight of the user's perspective. The fact is, unless web users are able to understand, use and navigate quickly through a web site, it will probably not achieve its objectives. I am not suggesting that all web design solutions are simple. A lot of web sites actually deliver very complex online solutions, however, no matter how intricate the web design, the interface with the user must always be simple and clear.

2 - Curb Your Enthusiasm – while it maybe said that a picture speaks a thousand words, then by the same logic too many pictures can overlap a conversation, moreover, the right use of white space can improve comprehension for the viewer by indicating the relationship between objects or groups of objects – forcing the eye to the center of interest and reinforcing continuity.

3 – Use common-sense - Common-sense is sometimes said to be the least common among the senses, so take some common-sense steps to ensure that your website helps users find their content easily. Ask yourself this - is your content organized in an easy-to-read hierarchical layout? Are you using HTML links on every page, and does each page provide internal links in the text to help the search engine crawler find its way around? Does your site offer a site map and do you include a link to the site map somewhere on each page? And last but certainly not least. Do your pages contain relevant information that clearly and accurately describe your content and is that text clear, crisp and legible?

Part B - Once the website goes live

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7 Top Resources to Download Free Website Templates

Whenever we talk to a prospective template customization client we always get asked some of the same questions such as, how much for just a basic website, how long do the customizations take? - probably the one question we hear most is: What if I didn’t by my template here do you work on other people’s templates? Not as easy to answer as you would think, without knowing more about from whom or where you got your template. But typically, we can customize any template weather it be ours or not. In addition template customization is always delivered on time and we make sure that you have the most standards compliant web sites possible. With that said, I've put together for you a list of the 7 top resources to download free website templates, plus a special bonus.

1 - Style Shout


2 - Six Shooter Media


3 - Whoo Themes


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Twitter Saturday Night Special

We don't know if you noticed (some of you surely did) but today we gave out a discount code on our Twitter account. It was a 20% discount for everyone who wanted to use it, no limitations - except for the fact that it'll expire Saturday night . BUT! Tomorrow we'll be giving out another sweet discount, even a better one. So you might want to follow us on Twitter - in case you still don't for some reason - in order to be able to use the discount code tomorrow.

Plus, if you still haven't, check out these FlashMoto CMS templates... this product is so amazing, you can edit your content right on the web page and you don’t have to know Flash or anything - everything is basically drag and drop, which is techy for cut and paste. Plus, SEO and deep linking features and even a Google Analytics tool that lets you measure your customers click path, so you really should check it out....

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