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The Top 10 Best Fairytale Wedding Templates of all Time

Admittedly, the title of this post is a little inflammatory. But have you ever dreamt of having the perfect wedding? Or how about designing a wedding website?

Now everybody's got an ITouch, a BlackBerry, a Facebook, a Twitter or a MySpace and they'd all love seeing lots and lots of pictures of the wedding - Check out The Ring!

Ohh, It's so shinnnny, I like it. (photo courtesy of Robbystyle's Flickr photostream)

You get the picture - it's just a great way to get guests exited about you wedding. That is why so many new couples turn to premium wedding templates...

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13 Lovely Vintage Themes To Get Your Retro Juices Flowing Again

Not too many designers can, or will, I should say, attempt to do the whole retro look – and if you are among that lucky few who do, then kudos to you my friend.

In many ways to do really cool retro stuff, apart from having that natural ability, I do believe, you really had to have lived that scene – or perhaps that feel was inculcated in you some how whether through real life experiences of all sorts of stuff that you just so happened to come across naturally such as places that you visited, books you read, magazines even the music you listen to, whatever the case may be, it all becomes a part of you.

Regrettably, most of us can not retain that sort of stuff and fewer can express it visually and fluently. So, for those of us who might lack the inspiration, here are 13 lovely vintage themes to get your retro juices flowing again…

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7 Premium Widescreen Templates – Dealing With An Over Abundance Of Screen Real State

June 12, 2009, marked the due date for the digital television transition, that fact alone can be scary considering that there will be millions more people buying widescreens – nowadays you cant buy a square monitor even if you wanted to - everything just got wider.

Its ironic in a sense because we went from trying to cram as much data in as little amount space possible, to having an over abundance of screen real state.

So, in keeping up with this new tread here are 7 premium wide templates to help you decide if wider is better.

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Over 1000 Premium Icons From IconDemon 50% OFF! Really.

TemplateMonster and IconDemon have teamed up to bring you this very special bonus offer! Over 1000 premium icons from IconDemon are available to you for as low as $49.

This special membership offer gives you access to 1000 high quality Web Icons for 50% off the regular membership price of $99.

All you have to do to land this special 12 months membership is to buy either one of the website templates (non-Flash), eCommerce templates or CMS & blog templates.

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