Monthly Archives: January 2009

5 FREE Webtools To Give Your twitter A Custom Look

I been spending lots of time talking about template customization and user optimization mostly on the topic of content creation, having good quality content, and the importance of keeping that content fresh and on point. So I just want to back off for just a minute and focus a little bit on the fun stuff,…
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The Essential Quintessential Misguided Newbies Guide To Web 2.0

For a limited time only I am offering my new eBook, "The Essential Quintessential Misguided Newbies Guide To Web 2.0 - Over 5,000 Words Of Practically Good Advice You Can Use" as a convenient PDF download (my gift to you) for just ONE SINGLE DOLLAR! This is an excellent guide for anyone who is seriously…
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How To Write A Good Creative Brief (Part 2 of 2)

In the previous article (Template Customization And The Art Of User Optimization) I was talking about user optimization and template customization and the art of writing good pages, and how a lot of people spend more time on SEO (search engine optimization) than building good pages, and that by focusing primarily on the writing you…
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