Designing a user friendly website by Ruchira Sharma

Summary – Here are some points to be kept in mind while designing a website that easy to browse through and serves its ultimate purpose of providing information. Legibility. Content is the king, this is not to be forgotten ever! Any user coming to your website is there to get some information. If that information […]

Cross Browser Compatibility

There are literally hundreds of web browsers in use around the world. All of them implement the W3C document standards a little differently. Web designers must wrestle with these differences to make a web site work. This article discusses the effect those different implementations has on design. What is Cross Browser Compatibility? If a web […]

Cascading Stylesheets: 5 Reasons To Use CSS

Cascading Stylesheets become more and more important in today’s webdesign. But before you decide to get started using CSS you should know why CSS is so important and what its advantages are. 1. The content is separated from the design Because you are able to create a separate Stylesheet and link it to all your […]

Editing CSS template

These instructions pertain to Dreamweaver 4, although other versions would likely have similar instructions. When you edit a CSS stylesheet that controls the text in your CSS template document, you instantly reformat all of the text controlled by that CSS stylesheet. Your edits affect all the documents linked to the style sheet. To edit an […]

Optimizing Flash Files For The Search Engines

What is a Flash Movie? A flash movie, or shock wave file (SWF), is the file format published when a Flash movie is exported. A SWF file can also be exported by several other Macromedia or Adobe Products. The SWF is usually an animation, dynamic menu, or highly interactive web-based application embedded into an HTML […]

Flash and Search Engine Optimization

Many web pages nowadays are embellished with Flash animation products, offered by Adobe. Flash technology allows, in a very simple manner, to insert small animated, vector-based drawings into your web pages. Of course, these animations have some influence on the way your site is “seen” and indexed by the search engines. The problem of Flash […]

How to SEO Flash

Flash gets a bad rap, undeserved in my opinion, for harming search engine visibility. Why are search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners concerned about Flash, and how can we SEO Flash content? The main problem with Flash is that search engines don’t yet understand it, and probably won’t in the near future. Flash includes logic and […]

How to make a Flash Contact form Work

If you have been searching around trying to figure out what is the easiest way to make a Flash contact form work, then this is it. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Flash contact form. PHP is provided. Very simple.. First of all, please watch this video. Then you should create […]

Flash vs. HTML What’s all the hipe about?

Granted that Flash is the future of the Internet the way in which websites will ultimately be served. On the other hand Adobe Flash is still in its infancy stages, which presents a variety of issues you will want to consider before making a decision. For instance before buying Flash template ask yourself, Why not […]

osCommerce and osCommerceTemplates explained

Shopping is an activity that we all have experienced. By either going to the grocery store to pick up eggs or to the mall to buy clothes. Today, with the development of the computers and of the Internet, some brilliant minds thought that it would be even better if people who do not have enough […]

How Do Search Engines Work – Web Crawlers

In my last article, PageRank in a nutshell, I went over some basic information about what PageRank is and what it can do for you. This next article proves even deeper in to some specifics on how do search engines actually work. Later in this series we will also focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) […]

Market Your Business On A ShoeString

Everyone in the world of business understands the important role marketing plays in growing a business. It is the strategy that you use to get your particular product and/or service known to your target market. It is done in an effort to increase sales and generate revenue. Unfortunately, many small businesses find themselves in a […]