WordPress Theme Kubrick K2 Review

WordPress is a free, well-structured blog publishing software. One of its sophisticated features is the Kubrick template. It is an easy to install and customizable open source template. Open source is a programming code that can be read, viewed, modified and distributed by anyone who wants to. Open source allows the user to make whatever […]

The Top 10 Reasons You Need a REAL Website

By now, most entrepreneurs know that they need a website of some sort. Many don’t realize that they need a REAL website, one with its own domain name. You need a real website …. 1. …because it’s professional. Upgrading from a free sub-site at geocities to a full fledged site gives your company a professional […]

Web Site Design or Website Templates – The Big Debate

Introduction In this article we reveal the big behind the scenes mystery of custom web design verses website templates. The piece focuses on differences between being somewhat artistic and being an actual scenarists, artists or Flashers with the capability of bringing together all the elements of a website headers, judicious use of graphics, menus and […]

How do I add my code snippet’s to my post

If you’d like to add a code snippet to your post, you may now do so thanks to a new plugin we recently added. The plugin works by escaping most special HTML tags and characters so they display exactly as typed, but allowing certain tags to be rendered as normal HTML. The default set of […]

PageRank in a Nutshell

As a freelance web developer I know small business owners generally don’t have a lot of cash to burn on setting up a website as well as feeling a little uneasy simply because they don’t exactly understand how people will ultimately find their website. Before doing any thing hasty I recommend my clients begin by […]

PHP cookies above the stateless protocol.

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how fun and simple it is to use cookies to bring interactivity to your Web pages ultimately making you an even more sought-after more confident Web designer. HTTP is a stateless protocol. Meaning that once the client’s browsers finishes a transactions with the Web server the Web […]

Ready built Website templates usage, beyond what you already know

When it comes to search engine ranking “cute won’t cut it”. While search engines can generate a mind staggering volume of traffic what they feed off specifically is content. Search engines utilize software known as crawlers or spiders. Unfortunately spiders are blind to web design they do not index images or Flash animation. Essentially a […]

CSS in Flash the return of Crisp and Legible Text

A typical challenge faced by Flash developers like me is getting fonts to look like you want then to. For any project choosing the right font face and size is a process that requires both you and ultimately the client to see eye to eye. In Flash MX and earlier versions fonts were by default […]

PHP server to client with no refresh.


Although most of our companies work is template based design, the end result is always unique and adapts to each client’s individual needs. The process of merging a client’s content and style with our templates creates an opportunity to challenge ourselves and once again put our web design skills to the test. Recently, I found […]